1. I got horrible customer service and a half way made sandwich from Schlotzskys on 3124 Regency Ln. In Denision Tx. DT515
    There was actually less than a third of a teaspoon of avocado on my Turkey Avocado sandwich.
    When I called the cashiers attention to it and showed him he argued that was the way it was.
    I then asked what is the serving size of avocado he said , ” I don’t know ” in a rude to e of voice. I will not go back to this Schlotzsky’s for sure.

  2. What has been changed on your Original schlotzsky’s sandwich????
    The last time we had a schlotzsky’s was about 6 weeks ago.Tonight about half way through our sandwich my wife and I both said “there is something different about our Original sandwich”,when we finished we both agreed that it is NOT a good different. Did you change meat suppliers? It is not a taste we want to go back for.

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