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Safeway Customer Feedback Survey –

SafewaySurvey: Are you looking for The Safeway Customer Experience Survey at and Do you want to complete The Safeway Customer satisfaction survey and Safeway Customer Feedback Survey

So you have landed at the right post, cause Here I have given step by step complete guide for Safeway customer satisfaction survey and Safeway guest feedback at 

When you are complete the Safeway survey and give your faithful feedback then you have a chance to win $100 Safeway Gift cards.

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Safeway Customer Feedback Survey Rewards 

⟾ $100 Safeway Gift Card

What are the rules and requirements of the Safeway Survey?

⟾ Device: Computer/PC, Tablet, a laptop, a smartphone with reliable Internet access.

⟾ Language Knowledge:   or Spanish.

⟾ Receipt:  Safeway recent visit Receipt with a survey invitation.

⟾ Age: Age must be 18 years old or older

⟾ Citizen:  50 states of the US or in the District of .

How to Take Part in the Safeway Survey at

⟾ Visit the Safeway survey official webpage at


⟾ Set the location you visited by choosing the state and Safeway .

⟾ Next, Enter your email address,

⟾ Enter Date of your visit

⟾ Enter Time of the day you visited 

⟾ Enter  the cashier/operator number

⟾ After that answer all Safeway survey questions honestly.

⟾ Define whether you require to be entered into the Safeway prize drawing.

⟾ Fill out your contact details.

⟾ At last, submit the survey.

Safeway Customer Service

Safeway is an American  chain. It is a subsidiary of Albertson’s after being taken by private equity investors led by Cerberus Capital Management in January 2015.

It was established in 1915. Its headquarters in Pleasanton, California, the U.S. Safeway product includes Meats, Bakery, dairy, delicatessen, dry cleaning, frozen foods, fuel, grocery, lottery, pharmacy, photographic processing, produce, snack food, liquor, flowers, and Western Union Services .

⟾ Call Us

Retail /Corporate: 1-877-723-3929
Grocery Delivery: 1-877-505-4040
Accessibility Issues: 1-877-723-3929

⟾ Contact Us By Mail

Customer Support Center
M.S. 10501 P.O. Box 29093
, AZ 85038

⟾ Press/Media

Public Affairs Department
250 E. Parkcenter Blvd.
Boise, ID 83706

⟾ Safeway Social Media Links:

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Final Words

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  1. I spend over 100 dollars each visit. Barely gets me 20 items. Expensive store.never won any surveys they’re all non paying but take info for market research. Tried to go online fill out survey…no go..just like the store downloads for coupons… the only good thing I can say about Safeway is the people that work there or very humble the store that I go to in Snohomish friendly they’ll go the extra mile for you help you with your request got no problems changing for something better or returning products. The Safeway employees don’t get paid very much they work real hard

  2. I can’t get to a survey for Safeway, so I am going to explain here. Yesterday I wen to the Safeway in YELM, WA. to get our Christmas supplies for dinner. After leaving the store, on our way home, I realized that there was a big discrepancy on my reciept. So later that night I went back to the store and talked to a checker. He couldn’t help me and customer service was closed. He called for his manager and he came to help me. His name is MATT V. He right then got to work to figure out the problem. It was a very significant amount that I got back, over $40. He was so polite and patient I truly appreciated it. I’m retired and on a fixed income. I don’t believe it was a checkers fault, just an oversight. So I want to say that my experience was very pleasant and I appreciate the help I got.
    Thank you,
    Jill Holen

  3. Wasted my time trying to enter your survey contest…could not get any que to start it.
    Too bad that your computer personnel aren’t as consumer friendly as your store personnel.
    Looks like some minor issues that could result in some customer DIS-satisfaction. Why advertise something you don”t want to know.

  4. Hello Team,
    I want to express my appreciation for the Great customer service provided by Lenore in the floral section at the Safeway on Glendale and 7th street. I as well as my friend purchased several flowers, and asked if they could be wrapped, thats when Lenore provided excellent customer service, the flowers were put together with such professional care, she knew exactly how they should look, and my friends that received them said they were Awesome! Thank u so much! They made a great impression and showed that customer satisfaction is valuable.

  5. My experience at your greenbelt maryland store today was totally obnoxious. People standing 15 deep in line for 2 cashiers, who were slow. Then you chip machine malfunctioned and I had to stand on line at customer service 6 people deep. To check out a hand held basket of groceries caused me to stand for over an hour just to check out. I have a back condition that was aggravated by this. You could not care less about your customers, clearly. While I have spent well over a thousand a year at your store, my satisfaction will be to never go there again and deny you that money.

  6. I tried to enter your $100.00 monthly sweapstake for customers at your store and I found it hard to find it actully I could not take survay. penaandrea571

  7. I shop at the southside Safeway in Pueblo Co. store #3729. It is always a great shopping experience, from the bakery to the meat departments I find what I am looking for. The employees are very helpful and pleasant , from the time I begin my shopping to checkout it is a great experience, I would like to add that Margaret Sandoval has gone out of her way to make sure that me and wife have a positive shopping experience.

  8. I would love to do the Safeway customer survey but can’t ever seem to find it. I know the web site but to much other stuff comes up.

  9. We visited our favorite store Safeway in Turlock. I couldn’t find a price on an item, a young lady, Jennifer, went happily to check the price and again helped me to find out if an item that was out of stock would be coming soon. She was amazingly helpful and very nice. Giving her a big hug, I thanked her but wanted to let Safeway know how wonderful she is. I hope this is safeway’s site. Store #1968. February 27, 2019 Thank you!!!!

  10. How can I enter when I go to where to tell me I get this. OOPS! This website is no longer current.

    Please refer to the information on your customer receipt and use the Website address provided for the new site.To much trouble. It should be easier

  11. I have been a regular shopper and customer of Store #1201 and the Pharmacy since 1993 – 26 years this July 4th, and still going strong. . My husband and the rest of our cul-de-sac brought out the grills, and since we were all new home owners at South 40th Place , it was a great way to get to know each. Many of us have moved off our cul-de-sac but we still live near our Store #1201 and of course still BBQ when we can.
    I have come to appreciate, so many of the Employees and Management and rejoiced in the their personal and professional milestones. Most recently TAWNI, who as so excited to tell me about her HIS & HERS closet in her condo, that is really a HERS . There is SUSAN who, has been at Store #1201, as long as my Family has been shopping there.

  12. I would like to thank Richard in prune dale Safeway, I get a case of organic sparkling grapefruit water, he orders for me every month, I know it is always ready for me to pick up at my Prune dale Safeway, great, great customer service.

  13. I would like to thank, Sylvia in my and prune dale safeway, she is always very helpful when I am checking out, no matter how busy she is she always has a smile on her face, Thanks

  14. The store at 340 E. McDowell Rd in Phoenix is clean modern and inviting. My only dissatisfaction was not having large boards posted so you could find out what aisles the items you were looking for could be found.

  15. Last week and this week My Safeway had Oscar Mayer chopped ham and Oscar Mayer ham and cheese on sale. Last week the chopped ham what is sold out so I thought I would buy The Oscar Mayer ham and cheese. What a huge mistake. It’s spot was filled to the top.
    It is not ham and cheese and I don’t think the pigs would eat it either. This week was the same thing no chopped ham and the ham and cheese was filled to the top. I don’t see why Safeway Would stock this awful tasting junk. As I said there was no chopped ham and cheese there anymore every time I find something I like Safeway discontinues it and puts its own brand in place. Sometimes it’s OK but most of the time it is not .

  16. A awesome employers knows exactly what, where and when is needed, always respectable with us as a customer Mrs. Juana self checkout store number 3031 thank you for having such available employee.

  17. store 2897/91-1119 Keaunui Dr, Ewa Hi 96706… this about person Gina Imai as coustmer service at west unions.. Gina Imai a well groomed jobs and very professional with smiles her face ..Ms.Gina Imai is the assets of the company.. I drove the nearest west unions pearl city..but I don’t deserve how their statement is .. it’s was very unprofessionally and very rude of their statement
    ** but then I end up Ewa Beach ..Safeway..Ms Gina Imai make it so easy for me …ms.Gina Imai is the asset of company..thank you so much for your service and your time

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